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As a family owned company since 1988, Ümit Makina plays an integral part within

          bedding industry. From its first year in operation up to the present, Ümit Makina

          remains a proud contributor to the local and national economy. Owner Ergin Ümit has

          been in business now over 45 years and going strong. Determination and dedication to

          excellence has been instrumental to his success as a business owner.

          Our goal is to produce only the finest and the most reliable products available on the

          market. Ümit Makina has been in the business of improving mattress machinery

          production since 1988 and has remained at the forefront of mattress machinery

          innovation and is well prepared to meet the challenges of the new millennium.

          Our machines are setting the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and productivity

          in bedding industry. But quality, innovation, efficiency, and productivity are required to

          sell the product. The product must also have the support of the manufacturer, and that

          is another area where Ümit Makina excels. Our Technical Service Department's primary

          aim is to ensure that the machines are properly installed and to provide in depth training

          for operators in the areas of maintenance and proper operation and they are available

          to provide technical support and advice on machinery upgrades and modifications as

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